Plan A Visit

 “Life’s a journey. Let’s do it together”

Our mission and vision our simple. We are wholly dedicated to three things:

Love God, Make Disciples, Engage Church

During your visit, you can expect one-or-all of these to occur:

1. We will be: falling deeply in love with God & people. How?

    - Sunday morning worship gatherings (10:30a.m)

    - Tuesday night Prayer and worship gatherings (7:00-9:00pm)

2. We will be: making and being discipled. How?

    - Life groups. 4-10 people learning, growing, and going. Essentially, we do life together (meet throughout the week).

3. We will be: Engaging church in the ministry of reconciliation. How?

    - Service Saturdays aim to reach out to the community through various parachurch ministries and church hosted events which create an opportunity to share the love of Christ with our community… Outside of the church (1 Saturday a month).

    - Creating an opportunity for EVERYONE to become a minister of the Gospel and use their gifts to encourage and build the Body of Christ.

    - Training, mentoring, and assisting new leadership to plant churches.


(10mo-3 years)

Nursery is available for those with young children.



Sundays 10:30am; Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

Our children’s program is not “childcare.” It’s structured to introduce the Gospel through stories, puppets, and art in a way the captures our children’s heart. Jesus is the topic every Sunday, and our lessons are strategically designed to reveal Him for who He is in a way that your children can understand. Rest assured that our Engage Kids leaders are all able to pass background checks. Chose weather to keep your children in the service with you or drop them off at Engage Kids. We’re a family and if you decide to keep them in service with you, it wont bother us at all!



Sundays 5:30-7:30

Our Engage Students ministry is designed for students in middle and high school. We believe that this is the most imperative time to have our children discipled. The world is waring for their hearts, minds, and desires. We talk about how Christ has a better plan for their life. There’s always food and games. But most important, we study His Word. We Look for Jesus in all of the scripture and learn how He has a plan for each of our lives. We build groups to encourage each other and promote an open atmosphere to discuss all sorts of subjects that students are dealing with. We move the students along the process of commitment: Love God, Make Disciples, Engage Church. Our desire is to raise a generation of young leaders, devoted in their heart to Christ.